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Idle Omens

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| emblem = IO emblem.png
| motto = Chaos lives in everythingDeath doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints.
| alignment = True Darkness!
| founded = 10 September, 2015 {{ge|10|9|2015}} G.E.
| forum =
| stats =
| number = 2225
| friend1 = None
| foe1 = None
| gold = 1282913073
| town = Los Demonos
| perc = 63| date = 2 5 April, 2016
==Current News==
Idle Omens attempting has once again faced undue censorship by the Admins, and they refuse to see if there is answer our inquiries into it. Because of this, we have taken out Guild Hall RP off of Godville. Those who have any interest now in its various RPsthe story, on Godville and beyondplease contact a member of Idle Omens for details. Many Be aware that this new RP is without the censorship of our Dreamwidth players have come over to Godville now, so maybe this trend will continue. WellPlease keep this in mind, hopefullyas we do not want to offend anyone.
What's accepted on Godville: Murder. Smoking Narcotics. Innuendo. Alcoholism. Lustful depictions of women that are played by men. Each of these automatically make the medium more than a simple PG, and many of them are found in the actual game's content.<br>What's not accepted on Godville: Censoring above vices. Descriptions of beautiful girls played by actual women. Censored innuendo. Any physical part of the female body that could be taken as sexual should be removed from writing.
Thank you, Admins. I'll leave this here in case anyone is confused about what is allowed and what isn't in the RPs of Godville. Kind of sends a mixed message, but hopefully this will prevent any one from being banned in the future.
===The Guild===
We're broken, we're the innocent, we're the devil's smile. We're the army strong as all. We're not evil, but we're far from being the dumbfound idiots that believe this world is worth saving. It's worth dominating, to come from the endless winters and to reach the ones who want to resist the mold of conformity. We '''are''' the wretched, the unspoken, and above all - we are the divine.<br>
Keep in mind that members may banter about music and life topicsas many of the members have been friends for a very long time.<br>Please understand that simply adding one of us to your messaging list does not make us automatically friends. We have had very poor reception here in Godville so, please be patient with us if we're a bit defensive.<br><br>The guild has an external (non-Godville), post-to-play RP on that is sometimes discussed in the GC, but no one that joins the guild is required to play in it. New members are welcome to apply for a character (or create their own), but not everyone will be allowed to join in this RP - apologies in advance for assumed hurt feelings.
Joining '''Idle Omens''' is easy, but ''belonging'' requires an alignment of cruel or darker.
|<small>{{god|Iadobaoth}}</small> || '''Anafi-el''' || Hierarch
|<small>{{god|Lurid Sin}}</small> || '''Kaein''' || Cardinal Hierarch
|<small>{{god|Vesania}}</small> || '''Lucidea''' || Cardinal Hierarch
|<small>{{god|Sil3nce}}</small> || '''Garwyn''' || Cardinal
|<small>{{god|MrHam}}</small> || '''Hamitek''' || Chief Master
|<small>{{god|Corvus Silver}}</small> || '''X-01 Exoskeleton''' || RecruitFollower
|<small>{{god|Requiem Lost}}</small> || '''Feral Heart''' || Recruit
|<small>{{god|Twilight Dancer}}</small> || '''Moonlit Succubus''' || Recruit
|<small>{{god|SphinxFour}}</small> || '''KJK-''' || Intern

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