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==Level 19==
* 21:42: Ran away from a monster and hid in a graveyard. The screamin' blues of wights were quite impressive, yet boring.
* 21:33: Heard someone shouting "Die, Gdawg!" in the distance. I rushed to the rescue, but it turned out to be a Lego Golem brutally smashing a scarecrow. I guess monsters need to practice too.
* 21:26: A fat old man was screaming "Rudoooolph!" in the forest. I felt pity and gave him a piece of fresh reindeer meat that I had just bought from some wandering goblins.
* 21:06: Silly rocky raccoon got under my feet, and I almost stepped right on him. That would have ended badly.
* 20:20: Takeshii was removed from my potential threats list. He will remember not to stand in my way again.
* 20:19: Notes from arena battle: Takeshii is on his knees. Pro Tagonist salutes to somewhere above! The winner receives a golden brick and 109 coins.
* 19:56: Notes from arena battle: Pro Tagonist and Takeshii look at each other appraisingly. The audience watches with anticipation.
* 19:56: Searched through the pockets of my suddenly uncomfortable clothes and discovered an empty genie lamp, a handsaw's tooth, and a slice of life under my armor. I have no idea how these things got here, but I'm sure they will come in handy.
* 19:56: Time to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! Hey, greenhorns, wanna fight?
* 19:11: Stumbled across a sign that read: 'Warning: Watch out for Signs!'
* 19:05: Sneezy whimpers anxiously and wags his tail like a fan, providing a refreshing breeze. Wow, I feel a bit better!
* 18:22: Tried to hypnotize the trader with a swinging pendulum. I thought it worked – until I was thrown out of the shop.
* 18:15: Had a nice conversation with myself. Learned a lot from it.
* 18:10: I stopped at the graveyard to listen to the growling of ghouls. I must say, they're quite impressive. Although they do chat a bit too much at times.
* 17:30: Sneezy suddenly raised his muzzle and roared loudly. The Loan Shark and his fellows dispersed, shrieking with fear.
* 17:06: Sneezy is hanging onto my leg and begging for food. Sorry. Now is not a good time. There's a Dreaded Gazebo ahead.
* 17:05: I ran into a brick wall with half-faded words written on it: 'Love you my daughter, but you need to be strong.'
* 17:01: Clicked my heels three times. Nothing happened.
* 16:56: Stumbled across a sign that read: 'All your base are belong to us.'
* 16:52: Felt adventurous and took the path less traveled, but turned back after having so much trouble walking through the tall grass and weeds.
* 13:46: Sensing my bad mood, Sneezy deftly tickled me with his whiskers. I feel a little better already.
* 12:22: Found pages from someone else's diary flying in the wind. I'd be horribly embarrassed if someone were reading my most personal thoughts... but I read them anyway.

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