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Win on points

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Just after I reached level 33:{{stub|skill}}{{skill| image = | caption = | type = combat Hooray, I learned | description = }}'''Win on points''' is a new [[combat skill: “win on points”!]].
[[Category{{Diary|Hooray, I learned a new skill:Skills]]“win on points”!}} To win on skills is a devoted art of being right. Not only are you doing it right, you're doing it with flair, panache, grace, elegance....wait... on points!?  <nowiki>*</nowiki>Ahem* To win on points is the indisputable FACT that you are right and you proved it with points. Ever play cribbage? Can't argue points...Credit Score...H.P./M.P., Monster has no credible argument, My points are more than yours....Do Something!

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