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''List of [[:Category:Guilds|Guilds]]''
== Membership ==
=== Joining ===
[[File:Moreproperguildpic.png|300px|right]]You can only join a guild after your hero reaches '''level 12'''. To join a guild, send a [[Voice of god]] message in this format: '''join the "Guild Name" guild''' (this works best when your hero is idle outside of town; do not cancel your current quest first). If successful, the hero will embark on a [[Find a Guildmaster and beg him to enroll me in the *guild name* guild|special quest]] to join the chosen guild but choose wisely because the quest usually takes several days. To create a currently non-existent guild, use the command '''Create "Guild Name" guild'''. This separate command for creating a guild avoids the creation of duplicate guilds that usually result from misspellings. From time to time, heroes will be given a quest to join another guild. To stop them from doing so, use a command such as '''abandon your quest''' if you ever see them on such a quest.
=== Benefits ===
While a member of a guild, a hero receives many benefits which include:
Having [[Popularity]] in a town is not necessary for any of these benefits nor for that matter is having more than one person in the guild. Small guilds often end up sharing facilities in order to conserve limited resources. The drawback to this is that sometimes newbies from other guilds will have to be pushed back by someone from another guild with a higher rank, which can result in inter-guild hostility.
=== Size ===
Despite the fact that smaller guilds have smaller benefits, heroes prefer them to larger guilds. As long as a guild has more than five members, a hero will consider joining it, but it is believed that they are more likely to accept a quest to join a guild with lower [[popularity]] than a guild with higher popularity, perhaps because they feel sorry for them or because heroes just don't like being popular. It is known that the higher a hero's guild ranks on the [[pantheon of unity]], the more likely a hero is to accept a quest to change guilds, possibly out of a desire for a quieter place to stay or because heroes just don't like being so close to each other.
# Guilds with 1-5 members who are too small for other heroes to consider joining.
# Guilds with ~95 members whose members generate just enough popularity for heroes joining randomly to counter heroes leaving.
=== Rank ===
Guilds have special internal ranking systems within and benefits increase with rank. When a hero first joins a guild, they start at the bottom and increase in rank over time. A hero who leaves a guild and rejoins later will have to start from the bottom, so loyalty is recommended. The ranking system can be seen below starting from the left with the time taken to reach the rank given below it (the number of days between the rank and the rank before it):

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