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Godville city

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The center of science and commerce, '''Godville''' contains some of the largest libraries and marketplaces. Unfortunately, this thriving economy has a dark side as the capital also houses the highest crime rate of the known world. Organized crime and corruption have become part and parcel of life in the city to the point of kickbacks and bribes being expected by the populace. Guards and politicians often extort a "customs tax" on almost all forms of commerce that enters and exits the town without just cause.
[[Image:Terrain.jpg|500px|thumb|left|Godville has a violent history of unending warfare.]]
== History ==
The Capital of '''Godville''' is nestled between [[Tradeburg]], [[Beerburgh]] and [[Godvillewood]], making it the economic epicenter of the known world. Composed mostly of rolling plains, the capital itself is accessible through three highly-developed highways that lead to the other towns. Despite the terrain, the capital has managed to defend its citizens through a sophisticated series of walls that form a makeshift labyrinth around the city, making it virtually impregnable to attack as well as a safe haven from monsters.
[[Image:Arena.jpg|500px|thumb|right|The Godville Arena is the perfect location for allowing Heroes to settle their differences.]]
== Distinctive Features ==

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