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Ash Corde

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| avatar = Cloak.jpg
| god = The Darkholder and PogoPogo
| personality = vengefulLost
| gender = Female
| level = 1851| motto = My stuff is flammable!Forget the light.
| guild = The Forsakens Lament
| rank = followerMatriarch
| position = Dark Shell
| wonlost = 20 31 / 515| temple = 1187.36%
| pet = Firefox
| petname = Olwyn
| petlevel = 2Dead| petres = 01
| town = Godville
| gold = 5081
| monster = Generic Enemy
| rival = Most people
}}Ash Corde is the a heroine of PogoPogo and the Darkholder. She's also blindunknown origins, but don't crack any jokes about it. She travels the lands having simply appeared in one of Godville and is often said to be "confused". This is probably a result of her goddesses' frequent argumentss many temples. She is described as pale-skinned, silver-eyed, and blond, with has made it her hair loose and reaching down mission to kill those who are unlucky enough to encounter her knees. She always wears a cloak , and a pair travels the world in search of black glovesthese people. She is known to be excessively scarredHer two goddesses fight frequently, and is missing several fingers. Her preferred weapons are a pair of curved swords and a black dagger. Many people claim that I'm stalking causing herextreme distress, but I'm not; I'm just following her extremely closely. If you should encounter her, it neither is advised that you immediately head in able to dominate the other direction. However, as she this has a tendency begun to kill people when she's in a bad moodchange.. This happens fairly often.
'''Current Location (It is rumored that Ash herself is not the possessor of her body, but that one of her goddesses puppets her instead. However, this story): Dalestonis surely mere folly. A goddess cannot possess their heroine like a phantom. It is a simple impossibility. It is also rumored that one of her goddesses is not a goddess, but that is entirely unrelated to the previous rumor.
==Facts and Notes==
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Made Pantheon of Storytelling: {{GE|2|1|2016}} g.e
Current Position: [ 33rd20th]
Pet Tamed: {{GE|2|4|2016}} g.e
Current Pet Personality: FriskyMighty
Date of BirthAll Pet Personalities: {{GE|1|6|2016}} g.eFrisky, Nimble, Mighty
Countable People Killed by Ash in Various StoriesDate of Creation: 17{{GE|1|6|2016}} g.e
Arena Record (Month One): 22 / 7
Longest Arena Battle: 18 35 Turnsagainst Ethelrist.
Current Position in Arena PantheonDeaths: 99th10</div>Favorite Quest: Refuse to Master Reverse Psychology
==Outdated Stories and Lore==
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-ar. I don't hear her, suddenly. Strange. Did I blank out for a moment? I must have. She isn't here anymore, and I'm standing. I must need sleep. I walk over to the stand, take my dried meat, and leave.
<br><br><br>[ The Other Side]

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