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Idle Omens

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| founder = Sireine
| pantheon = 504
| pantheon2 = 184120
| pantheon3 = 14
| forum =
| friend1 = None
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| gold = 9651 9997
| town = Herowin
| perc = 0
==Current News==
Well, other than '''open enrollment ''' in our non-Godville RProleplaying scenario, we're still two months away from having much of any news. That's when our first member will reach Hierarch. Yay.
So, being the youngest guild in the top 20 in duelery is nice, but unfortunately we're now losing our popularity - if we want to remain True Darkness! we have to make sure we do not attract many more neutral heroes.
|<small>{{god|Deiroz}}</small> || '''Corrain''' || Advisor || Pure Evil || Active
|<small>{{god|Lilith Crowley}}</small> || '''Ashni Crowley''' || Chief Master || Vicious || ActiveNonactive
|<small>{{god|Almighty lord savior}}</small> || '''All powerful hero''' || Chief Master || Vicious || Inactive RP Information==
[ The Realm] is our current storyline, though I must warn everyone now that it is not for minors or those without an open mind. Do not proceed further than the front page if the disclaimer makes you laugh, uneasy, or snap into an uncontrollable barbarian rage. And please, do not whine or report to the administrators of Godville -- there is ample warning. We put this here because we're looking to give '''everyone''' a chance.<br>Character sheets are found [[Idle OmensRP| here]]. Copy and paste the needed sections and do not save that page. On this page, use the "Discussion" tab to paste your sheet underneath any that may already be there. When you contact <small>{{god|Sireine}}</small> , she will add you as soon as she can. Thank youYour patience is appreciated.
*All players involved in the Idle Omens RP will be expected, at some point, to fill out this information.
**Please provide as much information as you can. This is not for us to metagame, but so that your character has established limits.
**Characters listed here have no been added to the proper page for any number of reasons. Please contact <small>{{god|Sireine}}</small> for details.
<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:1; padding:1;">===Zelgany===<div class="mw-collapsible-content" style="background-color:FFFFFF; border-radius:8px; padding:8px;">'''Character Name:''' Zeezoo<br>'''Race:''' Human (Immortal)<br>'''Occupation:''' Traveling healer<br>-----'''Advantages:''' Having been a scholar in his past life, is very knowledgeable<br>'''Disadvantages and Quirks:''' When killed is reborn but as a child, also has a thing for anything shiny<br> '''Skills:''' Rebirth (True), Necromancy (Healing), Herbomancy<br>-----'''Hand Weapons:''' Short sword<br>'''Ranged Weapons:''' None<br>'''Armor and Possessions:'''Bags of herbs to go with the trade, otherwise none of note.-----'''Cultural Familiarity:''' Has traveled around a bit so he knows his share of shortcuts, also familiar with a couple of towns.<br>'''Family:''' None<br>'''Description:''' Currently a man in his thirties with a long unkempt brown beard and hair to match. Habitually wears a long dark cloak with the hood up<br>'''Background:''' As is his gift... Or curse depending on how you look on it, he is reborn as a new individuel after he dies, regaining his memories at around fifteen, he is looking for a way to end this cycle as he looks upon it as torture and wishes he could die and stay dead, he hears old tales of a sorceress of old once in the ruins, where the locals now fear to go, and investigates to see if she, or perhaps another sorceress resides there.</div></div>
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