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== Ideabox ==
'''Approved Submissions: 177179'''
(The ideas that were accepted might look different in the game due to corrections that were made in the ER.)
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* <span id="Approval">Diary: 6466</span>
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|| 10/10/15 07:51PM || 92 || 16 || The %monster% asked me if I knew what I had gotten myself into. I probably would if it gave me a few hints.
|| 11/12/15 08:27AM || 110 || 22 || The doctor told me he needed to immediately straighten my twisted spine. Does he really have to? I can finally reach that itch on my back now.
|| 11/12/15 08:31AM || 102 || 26 || The %monster% screamed “I don't wanna play this game anymore!” and returned to the last checkpoint, leaving behind %gold%.
'''Sailing, what happens, what's the goal and what do I do?'''
COMING SOONIn a game that's mostly text based sailing stands out by having the map, rather than the log be the main focus. You control the ark with the map, almost all the action happens all the map, hints are entirely map based (while the log doesn't even say what kind of hint was found), and often there is no entry on a log on a given turn, just a change in the map. This is important within the context of submitting ideas, as will be explained later. During sailing the goal is to find some treasure, and then exit the sail through the port or the edge of the map. Sailors can find treasure by exploring islands or defeating monsters. To help them know which islands to search and which monsters to fight, hints can be found on some islands, are given on defeating some monsters, and sometimes appear when using a miracle.  The two main activities during sailing are exploring islands and fighting monsters. Both of which can reap useful rewards, but on the other hand could give nothing at all. Sailors can also get into battles with each other if they like the look of their treasure, after all, it's every {|wo}man for themselves in sailing! Gods guide their heroes by directing them, and of course using encourages to mend the ark or punishes to restore supplies or smite their opponents in fights. So what does all this mean for us when submitting ideas? It means no "random entries". The log is secondary to the map and only exists to clarify something that just happened, like that a new beastie became visible on the map. If your entry, like most diary entries, doesn't reflect that something notable just happened, it is extremely unlikely to get in. What events are notable are mentioned and discussed below.
'''Sailing subcategories'''
'''Sail log'''
 If you dont Dont have an ark yet it's hard to know what the sailing entries look like. Therefore these ideaboxers are recommended to ? You can read some of the ark logs log below.!
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* <span id="Approval">'''PlayersSail log'''</span>
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|-|| <div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; paddingtext-align:5pxcenter;">|| Aliyaa / {{god|Azzageddi </div>}} ||<div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;"> drowned </div>||<div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;"> 11/40 </div>||<div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;"> [_] [_]</div>|-|| <div style="background-color:#f5e2d4; paddingtext-align:5pxcenter;">||Stevaloid / {{god|Brinjal </div>}} ||<div style="background-color:#f5e2d4; padding:5px;"> exited </div>||<div style="background-color:#f5e2d4; padding:5px;"> 30/40 </div>||<div style="background-color:#f5e2d4; padding:5px;"> [_] [_]</div>|-|| <div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; paddingtext-align:5pxcenter;">||Leonard of Quirm / {{god|Susan Sto Helit] </div>}}||<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;"> exited </div>||<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;"> 17/40 </div>||<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;"> [💰] [♀]</div>
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* <span id="Approval">'''Sail log'''</span>
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''Step 1''<div style="background-color:#f7f7f7; padding:5px;"> 12:26 Aliyaa, Stevaloid and Leonard Of Quirm set sail on the open sea in attempt to close it.</div>
11:31 Aliyaa crushes the beast with her ark. Failkyrie turns blue and sinks.</div>
''Step 18''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:33 Biterina is circling around. The roar of a siren disperses the fog, revealing the surroundings to Leonard Of Quirm.</div> ''Step 20''<div style="background-color:#e2e7f2e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:33 <span style="color:#38599a">Aliyaa throws The roar of a trident of unknown origin into siren disperses the enemyfog, neatly punching his hullrevealing the surroundings to Leonard Of Quirm.</spandiv>
''Step 20''<div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;">12:33 <span style="color:#38599a">Aliyaa throws a trident of unknown origin into the enemy, neatly punching his hull.</span></div><div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;">Biterina couldn't protect fresh water. Aliyaa enjoys the plunder.</div>
''Step 21''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">
''Step 27''<div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;">12:36 Henfish roars nearby.</div>
''Step 28''<div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;">12:37 <span style="color:#38599a">Henfish fails a victim of a gunpowder plot, while Aliyaa pretends to have nothing to do with the explosion.</span></div>
''Step 29''<div style="background-color:#f5e2d4; padding:5px;">Stevaloid puts a sea-shell to his ear and, surprisingly, hears a hint.</div>
''Step 30''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:38 Gorgonella drew herself on the map.</div>
''Step 31''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:38 <span style="color:#38599a">Leonard Of Quirm calls for a storm on Gorgonella.</span></div>
''Step 32''<div style="background-color:#f5e2d4; padding:5px;">12:38 Stevaloid seizes supplies from the abandoned pirate lair, mostly focusing on the rum.</div>
<div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;">Crunchella and Royal Jellyfish peep out from the waves.</div><div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;">Not having any better ideas, Aliyaa sets a lighthouse on fire and peers into the area through the clouds of smoke.</div><div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;"><span style="color:#38599a">Leonard Of Quirm utters an ominous spell and Gorgonella gets a kick from the very depths of hell.</span></div>
''Step 33''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:39 Gorgonella exchanges her life for fresh water.</div>
''Step 34''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:39 <span style="color:#38599a">Leonard Of Quirm looks in horror at a meteorite flying at his ark... which ends up being a harmless and tasty meatball.</span></div>
''Step 35''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:40 Apparently, this island is empty.</div>
''Step 36''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:40 <span style="color:#38599a">Leonard Of Quirm calls for a storm, but he really shouldn't have.</span></div>
''Step 37''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:40 <span style="color:#38599a">Leonard Of Quirm sadly observes how the divine energy tries to boil the sea.</span></div><div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;"><span style="color:#38599a">Aliyaa comes under a rain of bolts and nuts which strangely repairs the ark.</span></div>
''Step 38''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:41 <span style="color:#38599a">After deafening clashes, the sky poured popcorn. Leonard Of Quirm managed to score himself a few buckets.</span></div>
''Step 40''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:42 <span style="color:#38599a">Leonard Of Quirm friendly greets the diver-engineer who appeared out of nowhere and is apparently fixing his ark.</span></div><div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;"><span style="color:#38599a">Leonard Of Quirm gets a coconut on his head and a booty hint.</span></div>
''Step 41''<div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;">12:42 <span style="color:#38599a">Shocked Aliyaa sees as the ark sheds its sheathing and quickly grows a new, stronger one.</span></div>
''Step 42''<div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;">12:43 <span style="color:#38599a">Aliyaa positively charges with optimism. Unfortunately it has no effect on the ark.</span></div><div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;"><span style="color:#38599a">Friendly polyps stick to the bottom of the ark and patch some holes in it.</span></div><div style="background-color:#e2e7f2; padding:5px;"><span style="color:#38599a">Aliyaa goes down. The sea does not like to be restrained.</span></div>
<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">Leonard Of Quirm filled his ark up to brim.</div>
<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">Free from her load, Royal Jellyfish sinks like a stone. Leonard Of Quirm finds a female.</div>
<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">An elegant fenimal gracefully swims into the arks's hold and immediately starts demanding attention.</div>
''Step 43''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:43 <span style="color:#38599a">Following a sudden desire, Leonard Of Quirm throws his fishing net and pulls it back full of various sea delicacies.</span></div>
''step 45''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:44 Giant heads sticking out of the sand hint at the location of something important.</div>
''Step 46''<div style="background-color:#f5e2d4; padding:5px;">12:44 Stevaloid restocks his ark from a stash of coconuts and bananas.</div>
''Step 47''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:45 <span style="color:#38599a">Divine providence turns up some good catch, and Leonard Of Quirm stockpiles with provisions.</span></div>
''Step 48''<div style="background-color:#f5e2d4; padding:5px;">12:45 Not waiting for a permission to dock, Stevaloid sails his ark to the port.</div>
''Step 52''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:47 <span style="color:#38599a">The skies are filling up with clouds, while the galley is filling up with milk. Leonard Of Quirm anticipates a feast.</span></div>
''Step 58''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:49 <span style="color:#38599a">Leonard Of Quirm calls for a storm, but he really shouldn't have.</span></div>
''Step 60''<div style="background-color:#e6f3e6; padding:5px;">12:50 Leonard Of Quirm decides to end this sail and heads to the port.

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