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[[Image:640px-Pirate ships in battle.jpg|640px|thumb|A hero's ark, in typical shape after a sailing expedition.]]
Ahoy gods and goddess! The wait is over. From now on, '''a hero with an ark can go on a sea voyage'''.
Using a shiny new button in the Remote Control (requires 50% of godpower) a god can teleport his soon to be captain to the Godville’s port, to search for a party of fellow sailors. '''Once the group of 3 or 4 heroes''' is assembled, it can break through the port’s authorities and head out into open sea for an expedition. Otherwise, they will just get back to their usual town business.
'''== Sail Map'''==  [[File:Sailing example.jpg]]
A god can watch over his hero from the comfort of his cloud by the means of the colorful map. It has lots of interesting and sometimes bit obscure things, but '''holding a finger over a map tile''' (or hovering the mouse over you’re a PC-god) will help to make sense out of it.
'''Arks need supplies''' and the initial stock will get them going for the first 40 turns. More food can be found in the wild, but keep in mind that '''the ark can’t make more than 100 moves''' – the tugboats patrolling the area will be forcefully rescued the ark and the hero.
'''== Navigation and Controls'''== 
The heroes are sailing by themselves using their basic navigation skills, but as usual, they won’t mind some help. Unlike dungeons, gods need not type voices – just a '''tap on a map tile next to the ark will send a navigation command''' (takes 5% godpower). Btw, godvoices do nothing other than appearing in the sail log.
In the beginning, it might feel that sails require lots of godpower. Don’t be afraid. Practice makes it perfect – '''after a few sails you’ll learn how to navigate much more efficently'''. Godville statisticians assure that just 50% of godpower in the hands of a savvy sailor will make a chances of getting a booty more than 50%.
'''== Islands and Hints'''== 
The sea has '''islands ready to be explored''', with reefs around them. Reefs are dangerous but sailable. '''Bigger islands are more likely to have something, but it takes longer to explore them'''. Island goodies could be ark repair materials, food, godpower restoring shrines, booty hints or the treasure itself. Sometimes it’s obvious what an island has, sometimes not (but '''the main treasure could be on any island''' regardless of its type).
There are 3 types of booty hints:
* '''Direction''' – points which way the booty is (just like in dungeons).'''* '''Distance''' – tells how far the booty is.* '''Points of Interest''' – opens few tiles on the map. one of them definitely has a booty (so '''if you got a hint and don’t see it, check the map for new POIs''').
Keep in mind that '''hints never point at the already taken booty'''.
'''Sea BattlesDistance hints'''(hovering over any of the hints will give you this text): * ✵ - No treasure nearby* ❄ - Treasure in a radius of 11 cells* ☁ - Treasure in a radius of 9 cells* ♨ - Treasure in a radius of 7 cells* ☀ - Treasure in a radius of 5 cells* ✺ - Treasure in a radius of 3 cells  == Sea Battles == 
The sea has its own inhabitants – '''beasties'''. They can wait quietly or swim around searching for prey. T'''he farther from the port the stronger these creatures are (and more likely they have something on them – food, a hint, etc)'''. A beastie can be attacked by one or multiple arks by navigating into her tile.
An important note: '''all moves within a turn are in random order''', which leads to quite interesting behavior. For example, if two arks are next to each other, one can engage the other in a fight or keep chasing it (depending on who will happen to move first within this turn). Also, unlike boss-fights on land, '''divine influences in the sea have no priority''': a beastie with a lucky roll of initiative can sink the ark, not giving a god a chance to influence within same turn. Yes, the sea is insidious.
'''== Booty'''== 
Seas are full of booty. And what booty is the most valuable for the arked heroes? '''A creature worth of being saved in the ark.''' Some are on islands (manimals like to hangout there), some are among beasties (fenimals). They always has something to pay for their ride.
And of course there is '''new achievement''' for the lucky ones who return with a booty.
'''== Sail End'''== 
There are few ways to end a sail:
# Good one – '''by exiting the sail via the port or edge of the map. This is the only way to keep the loot.''' Next sail will be available in 10 hours (if exiting via port) or 12 hours (if exiting via map edge)
'''== Summary'''== 
The seas are full of '''choices and randomness'''. Like in dungeons, the gods could employ different strategies depending on situation. One can explore, pirate, influence or just leave it all to the hero.
That was quite a long read, matey. Are you ready for some yo-ho-ho and booty?

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