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Known Benefits: note about switching ark pets vs putting one in then removing one.
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==Known Benefits==
Once a hero finishes constructing an ark, the hero will gain the ability to store up to three [[pets]] in it. After receiving a "Put into ark" command from the deity (50% godpower), the hero will make a mental note, and will place the current pet in the ark upon return to [[Godville_(Town) | Godville]] and, after that, will be free to tame a new pet. Switching a pet by the hero's side with one in the ark also costs 50% godpower. Note, if a god would like to switch a pet with one in the ark (in other words, put the current pet in the ark and take a pet from the ark out), click "In the ark" and choose the pet to switch. Do not put the current pet into the ark (50% godpower) and then remove a pet from the ark (50% godpower), well, unless a god wants to waste godpower.  Accordingly, a hero with an ark can have up to four pets (three in the ark and one at the hero's side). This ability removes the pain of separation from a pet should it be knocked out and unable to further gain [[pet levels]].
A god can also command a hero to switch the current pet with one in the ark by selecting that pet in the ark. When the hero returns to Godville, the switch will be made. This does not cost godpower.

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