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However, there is a problem – heroes have gone and forth through Godville countless times and all they saw were some genderless and occasionally male creatures. Where do they find fenimals? Well, checking the waters worth a shot. While high-waters are not yet available due to the ongoing construction in the Godville’s port, a recent fishing craze should come in very handy.
In a nutshell, "fishing" in Godville involves your hero using one item as "bait" but possibly picking up several other items. For example, here's a screenshot of a hero using their deus ex machina as "bait" and getting a bag of lovely bones (as one of several items over time) in return:
If your hero doesn't have an ark, that's about it. If your hero DOES have a completed ark, they can also catch monsters. More information on this will be added when it is learned.
So far, fishing seems to be a largely "ZPG" activity. A few items can cause your hero to start fishing, but there is little to influence what you get out of it. However, performing certain influences during fishing will cancel/end your hero's fishing.
If you have more information to share about fishing, edit this wiki page!

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