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Idle Omens

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'''Family:''' Deceased mother, unknown father. No known siblings.<br>
'''Description:''' Lyonhardt stands roughly six foot three, adorned in white plate mail from head to toe. His boots look like they are dual talons rather than feet. Black material lies under the exposed parts of his armor, ensuring that no part of what lies under is seen. He wears a white helmet with a slit where his eyes would be. Glints of various color can be seen from beneath, though their meanings are anyone's guess.<br>
'''Background:''' Lyonhardt is a staple view of the ruins, and considers them his prison. Under the dominance of his Mistress, Lyonhardt was ''reborn'' here. His own story remains a mystery to him, and his Mistress is secretive on the man's origins.</div></div><div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:1; padding:1;">===Iadobaoth===<div class="mw-collapsible-content" style="background-color:FFFFFF; border-radius:8px; padding:8px;">'''Deity Name:''' Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge<br>'''Deity Type:''' Artisan of the Material(Physical) Universe<br>'''Virtue:''' Creation through destruction and chaos<br>'''Vice:''' Stagnation<br>'''Class:''' Creator-----'''Abilities:''' Yaldabaoth can create material entities from existing energies, or by expending his own regenerative(and thus limitless) energy.-----'''Followers:''' On Earth, he was feared and revered as the God of the Old Testament. In Godville, not that much.<br>'''Familiarity:''' If a deity was born from another realm, they may know of the Demiurge. Not of what he is currently, but of his past. Yaldabaoth itself knows of most, if not all deities. Those born of dying world and specifically of Godville's shattered realm, however, he is still learning.<br>'''Description:''' Pretty much whatever strikes his fancy at the moment is how he appears. On earth, he was described as a lion-headed snake and an artisan of chaos. Currently, he has taken the liking of a tall man, dressed in a off-colored pinstripe suit with some manner of outrageous bow or tie. He has slightly pointed ears and his golden eyes are usually covered by designer sunglasses.<br><br>'''Character Name:''' Anafi-el<br>'''Race:''' Onaphim (Angelic Being)<br>'''Occupation:''' Alchemist-----'''Advantages:''' Often mistaken for a human and effectively immortal(even without resurrection.) <br>'''Disadvantages and Quirks:''' Shy, often aloof as well.<br>'''Skills:''' Astral magic, ethereal manipulation and can channel the Demiurge's essence in her body.-----'''Hand Weapons:''' A staff and sickle.<br>'''Ranged Weapons:''' <br>'''Armor and Possessions:''' Her skin itself is armor, so she wears simple clothes. She carries a pack that used to contain bread sticks.-----'''Cultural Familiarity:''' She is an angel from another realm, so her knowledge of Godville isn't the best. <br>'''Family:''' All other angels, fallen or not. They will recognize her as an equal to any of the Arch Angels.<br>'''Description:''' Anafi-el looks like a small framed human girl, often dressed in torn and tattered clothing. Her skin is pale, almost like an unpainted porcelain doll. Her eyes are black with the smallest hint of color, and she has unnatural white hair.<br>'''Background:''' During the great war of Earth, Anafi-el rebelled against Iahweh and the other arch angels and sided with mankind, believing that their kind did not deserve annihilation. Now cast to the realm known as Godville, she finds herself welcomed by her original creator, the Demiurge. A short time later, her Lord strikes a pact with the sorceress Sireine to protect Godville from the same annihilation, should it ever occur.
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