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Idle Omens

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The Guild
**Issue the voice command when your hero is between fights, not in town or healing. Do not cancel your current quest, as that changes the hero(ine)'s state to ''returning to town'', in which most, if not all, voice commands are ignored.
***This can take several times, so be warned. It is most effective to wait between 20 and 30 seconds between VCs before issuing another.
*We do ask that all members add this symbol: '''''' to their mottoes. References to idleness are optional, though it does make us seem more cohesive. Feel free to look at other members' mottoes if you need help deciding.
*We do not expect every member to join in the RP, but greatly encourage that they help us keep our standing as one of the more prominent new guilds among Godville in popularity, dueling. And, please spread the word to your friends. The more interest we have in this guild, the better chance we have of reaching even higher.

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