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Idle Omens

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| founded = {{ge|10|9|2015}} G.E.
| founder = Sireine
| pantheon = 579 573 [<span style="color:green"> + </span>]| pantheon2 = 168 160 [<span style="color:red'green"> - + </span>]
| pantheon3 = Nil<span style="color:red"></span>
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| gold = 341573
| date = 23 September, 2015
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Tired of watching the forces of '''Good''' and '''Evil''' argue about theological differences, when they're really after the ''same'' thing? We're the entities born of the chaos dwelling in the hearts of idle men; the angels hidden in shadows, the demons that dwell among the holiest of sanctums. We're those who have come to actually .. '''like''' .. this world for all of its madness. it is our love for disharmony that unites us. It is your curiosity of what lies within the twilight that will bring you to us, it will be your desire for camaraderie among discord that will turn you into our ally.
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===The Prophecy===
<small>(Original text from '''Good Omens''', modified for '''Godville''')</small>1: He is ''Not'' that Which '''She''' and '''They'''Says 'T'He'' Is<br>2: An the '''Great Hunger'''he world shall end sooncometh, and the '''Two Powers'(but not immediately)''that be Shall watch in Vane, for it Goeth where its Master, Where they were Not, and She sharl name it, True to Ittes Nature, and Hell shall flee it.<br>Possibly on a Saturday3: Sum say It cometh to '''Godville Town''', or '''Los Demonos''', just butte they be Wronge for the plase is '''beforeVector Fild''' Dinner; Strong in Thyr power he cometh like a Knight inne the night, he divideth the worlde into 4 partheth, he bringeth the storme.<br>Unless it doesn4: Behind the ''Principal's Neste'' a grate ''Stone''t.hath fallen<br>But 5: I see '''Four''' Riding, bringing the world ''will'Ende''' end, somedayand the ''Guildes of Hell'' ride with them. And four and '''Four''' Together be four, and the '''Abyss''' shall Own defeat. Yette the '''Man''' shall claim his Own.<br>We just don5a: '''Three''' shall also ryde as twixt and '''One''' shall ryde in flames, theyr be no stopping themme, neither ''t know Deville''nor ''Angelle'', nor '''Stranger''' be, and the Others shall be theyr also.<br>6: Lette the wheel of Fate turne, let harts enjoin, there are other fyres than theyrs and mine; whenthe wynd blowethe the barley, reach oute to another for calm cometh when ''Redde'' and ''Whyte'' and ''Blacke'' and ''Pale'' approache to poste Our wordes written.<br>7: When '''Deserte's''' chariot inverted be, four wheles in the sky, a man with bruises be upon ''Her'' bedde, cometh of blood who testeth with Fate yette his hart be ruine, take the means of life from himme for to make ryght certain the '''Others'''they shall be, untyl the '''Ende''' that is to come.<br>8: Whene menne of stupor come from the Land and ''green manne'' with sparkled deth frome thee Sky, and strikes of lightning quitte the sky barre castels and rainbowe, and the sunken landes riseth, and the Feral runneth free, and '''Tradesburg''' is theyrs, then '''Three''' cometh together and '''Four''' arise, upon iron cast ride; I tell you the ende draweth nigh.</divbr>
===The Guild===

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