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Idle Omens

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Where to begin with this child? She had been committed to the asylum before she was a teen, had killed her ''mother'' by the time she was released, and well on her way to a short life of crime and abandon. She dyed her hair at random, wearing mismatched eyeliner and garish outfits that were often nothing more than scraps she found in forsaken houses, or that she stole from the merchants. By the time she was an adult, Lucidea had already mastered the art of seduction ... although her victims ''always'' wound up on the wrong side of her intentions. One of these attempts at blackmail ended when she met '''Vesania,''' a being of jovial chaos. The two felt a strange kinship with each other - well, Lucidea had a ''voice'' to listen to again, and the Goddess had an amusing servant now.<br>It wasn't long after that she would meet with her best friend and elf sister, '''Kae'in''' on the road to Godville. Since meeting the elf, Lucidea's demeanor has become more mild, enjoying her moments of clarity and bringing a little less ''death'' when her mind abandoned her. Now, as a member of Idle Omens, Lucidea tries her very best to keep the overall mayhem and body count down.
====The Relic Hunter====
The Writ of <small>{{God|Sil3nce}}</small><br>
Garwyn's story is simple: he visited the Godville taverns at closing time and saw the most intriguing of artifacts left behind. Unknowing that this was actually a ploy by the Owl that kept watch over him to become part of a guild, he quickly procured the item and left the building even quicker. His life before that fateful acquisition was filled with passion and adventures, that were mostly lies and tall tales. He hadn't come across any great treasure like his forebears before him, no romantic conquests like the story of his ma and pap. His life was turning around ever since he came across an Owl that didn't make a sound. Not when flying, not when giving him almost human glares. Little did the young treasure hunter know that this Owl was a being of some mediocre power that had ulterior motives for the former background character.
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