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Idle Omens

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****Tip: Send (1) Punish influence at the start of the battle. Use voice commands throughout until your opponent reaches ~30 health, then send a second Punish with either a "Heal" or a final "Attack" command.
**Only (3) charges are allowed.<br>This shouldn't be an issue. If it becomes an issue, use the voice command: "Pray" to recover precious GP.
**The Judges will pray between rounds.<br>***This can have its advantages '''and''' disadvantages; every round, 5-10 GP is restored. To take advantage of it, use voice commands ''every'' turn until your either about to be locked or on your '''last''' 25%.
****<small>{{God|Sireine}}</small>: This comes down to the type of opponent your facing. A "Light" hero(ine) may use their extra GP to heal, counter this with offensive commands. A "Dark" hero(ine) will use offensive commands, use the voice command "Heal" to counter this.
**This fight will be twice as fast.<br>

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