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Idle Omens

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==About UsWelcome==Tired of watching the forces of '''Good''' and '''Evil''' argue about theological differences, when they're really after the ''same'' thing? We're the entities born of the chaos dwelling in the hearts of idle men; the angels hidden in shadows, the demons that dwell among the holiest of sanctums. We're those who have come to actually ... ''like'' ... this world for all of its madness; it is our love for disharmony that unites us. It is your curiosity of what lies within the twilight that will bring you to us, it will be your desire for camaraderie among discord that will turn you into our ally.<br><br><br><div align="center"><br><br>
===The Prophecy===
<smallbr>The ''''T'''he world shall end on a Saturday.<br>Next Saturdaysoon, if you want specifics.<br>Just before 7:00 PM PST<br>If things go according to '''plan'(but not immediately)''.<br>Which they Possibly on a Saturday, just '''before'never'' do.<br>So this prophecy is invalidDinner.<br>Unless it isndoesn't.<br>Then But the world ''will '' end on Saturday, someday.</smallbr>We just don't know '''when.'''</divbr></div>
===The Guild===
We're the guild that will sit on the fence until opportunity presents itself for us to manifest. In a world governed by the forces of light and darkness, we are the demons that dwell within the holiest of places -- the angels that hide within the shadows. We're simply those entities who have come to like the world, and all of its madness; our love for chaos unite us.[[File:Idle_Omensp43.png|frame|Excerpt from the Guild Handbook]]<br>
====So, what ''is'' Idle Omens?====
In keeping in spirit with the nature of the apocalypse, we're a dark-aligned guild that will either witness the end of days, or be directly responsible.
*Do we have a required alignment? Not so much as required as recommended, that you be on some level of the dark spectrum. We ''are'' chaotic, after all.
*Kind and Gentle hero/ines welcome, and there will be a few exceptions to other alignments.
*Remember, we expect *Your [[Alignment]] should factor in to how you to play your character! in the forum, but not completely control how your character is. Please don't have a A Pure Evil ! character that's 100% nice to everyone, all the time!is actually _kind_ may only have become such from duel influences. 
Ah, the Arena. Currently '''Lyonhardt's''' favorite place in all of Godville to get away from the weird rivalry between his goddess and <small>{{God|Lurid Sin}}</small>'s '''Kae'in.''' '''Anafi-el,''' the guild's resident angel, can also be found frequenting its bloody battles. Here's some tips from the angel, after observing '''Lyonhardt's''' battles:
*On regular days, wait until you have 100% god power and 3 or '''more''' charges.
**This can not be stressed enough: '''Nevernever''' enter the Arena with less than 3 charges.*Let your guild mates know that you're waiting to be matched. A very simple Arena_tIf you have a [[Temple]], you will not be matched with those without.**In the Guild Council, or if your not of high enough rank inform <small>{{God|Sireine}}</small> of your intentions using the following: arena nt for heroes with those without temples, Arena_nt and arena_t for all those with. Additionally, let us know if you've been matched, so otherscan be sent.**In the event that two of our members meet in the Arena, it is up to the individuals on how they wish to proceed. It is recommended to just have a non-influence/command battle to save A/C charges, but it ''is'' up to the pair dueling.*Pay attention to the special rules:**Constant damage: about 5-10 health is taken from both contestants per round, in addition to offensive damage.**Twice as likely to backfire: roughly 2 in 6 or so influences will effect you(your opponent if encouraging), none, or both. Use the voice command 'heal' to counter thisas you send that influence.
**Loser gets 3 gold bricks: if you don't have a temple? It's okay to lose once in a while.
**Only 2 actions are allowed: these suck. If your both using influences, its not too bad. Stick to using voice commands if not. Especially when fighting righteous heroes. Wait until your opponent has 30 or less health before sending your second influence, but keep an eye on your health as well.
**Only 3 charges are allowed: this is fine, usually. I never have more than 3 anyway. If it becomes an issue, use the voice command of 'pray'.
**The Judges will pray: This can have its advantages '''and''' disadvantages. This is where patience can pay off. Every round, 5-10 GP is restored. To take advantage of it, use voice commands ''every'' turn until your either about to be locked or on your last 25%.
**Twice as fast: You and your opponent will attack at the same time, so 'block' becomes obsolete.
*Make sure you check your opponents stats. If they have won _more_ arena matches than 2 times their levels mean that they a. have purchased extra charges, or b. only has enough to last this match. At least that's the crazy math we do around here. It may or may not be 50% accurate.
*Sometime during the first two steps (3entries) steps, unless its a Prayer match, or an agreed non-influence match, restore your GP by using 1 charge.*Strike at them. Use your influences wisely- keep in mind that only about 1 in 6 ''voice'' commands will be heard.
**<small>{{God|Sireine}}</small> and <small>{{God|Iadobaoth}}</small> have agreed that 'Attack like a crazy wombat' is our semi-official Arena call.
***Strike, Smite, Kick, and Punch all work as well. But like a crazy wombat.
**Remember to alternate between offensive voice commands and defensive. A well-timed ''heal'' can mean the difference between victory and defeat.*'''Never''' end a turn with less than 30% of your Godpower.*Try to be a good sport, even if you lose and now have 0 charges. Remember, if they've only lost 1 battle in about 50the Arena is mostly luck and a basic understanding of when influences will backfire ...which can seem at random. either they**Even ''ve encountered 'Lyonhardt'nothing'' but AFKers, or have a lot of Altsloses.*Now, of course, if you win ... use that 100% GP to accumulate another charge and poof: If you used all three charges, you're back to having 2 plus a free prayer in town.
Somethings shouldn't need to be said, but if we don't say them ... some one's going to ruin the fun for everyone. Because we're an RP-centered guild, let's go over the basics.

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