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<p align=center>Guild Page developed & maintained by {{god|Sireine}}
<small><div style="text-shadow: #0055FF 0.1em 0.1em 0.2em; margin-bottom:12px;">
| alignment = True Darkness!
| founder = Sireine
| pantheon = 776 682 [<span style="color:green">+ </span>]
| pantheon2 = Nil<span style="color:green"></span>
| pantheon3 = Nil<span style="color:red"></span>
| stats =
| number = 4 <span style="color:green"> +1</span>
| alliances: None| date = 12 18 September, 2015
}}</div><div style="text-shadow: grey 0.1em 0.1em 0.2em; margin-bottom:12px;">
==About Us==
*Remember, we expect you to play your character! Please don't have a Pure Evil character that's 100% nice to everyone, all the time!
Ah, the Arena. Currently '''Lyonhardt's''' favorite place in all of Godville to get away from the weird rivalry between his goddess and <small>{{God|Lurid Sin}}</small>'s '''Kae'in. ''' '''Anafi-el,''' the guild's resident angel, can also be found frequenting its bloody battles. Here's some tips from the angel, after observing '''Lyonhardt's''' battles:
*On regular days, wait until you have 100% god power and 3 or '''more''' charges.
**'''Never''' enter the Arena with less than 3 charges.
*Sometime during the first two (3) steps, unless its a Prayer match, restore your GP by using 1 charge.
*Strike at them. Use your influences wisely.
**<small>{{God|Sireine }}</small> and <small>{{God|Iadobaoth }}</small> have agreed that 'Attack like a crazy wombat' is our semi-official Arena call.
***Strike, Smite, Kick, and Punch all work as well. But like a crazy wombat.
*Try to be a good sport, even if you lose and now have 0 charges. Remember, if they've only lost 1 battle in about 50.. either they've encountered ''nothing'' but AFKers, or have a lot of ALTs.
*Now, of course, if you win ... use that 100% GP to accumulate another charge and poof: If you used all three charges, you're back to having 2 plus a free prayer in town.
=====Policies=====Somethings shouldn't need to be said, but if we don't say them ... some one's going to ruin the fun for everyone. Because we're an RP-central guild, let's go over the basics.*Please be courteous when speaking to each other in the guild council or the forum. **Profanity will not be tolerated in the forum and is advised against in the GC as well.**No derogatory terms.**Courteous doesn't necessarily mean ''nice,'' it means respectful. Exceptions will be made if situations ''in-character'' call for it.*If an RP scene calls for it, we utilize the ''fade to black,'' method of playing out otherwise MATURE scenes and resume the story as it would be after '''all of it''' played out.**If two guild members consent to such scenarios, please keep them private and isolated to your 'friend' chat.***Keep in mind that ages vary in Godville wildly, so if you choose to play out a scene with a member... '''please''' ensure that you are '''both''' of '''appropriate''' age.***Violation of this policy will be dealt with '''harshly.'''***So let's call it safe and just '''''fade to black''''' if the scene calls for it.***Most event will '''not''' require such scenes, anyway. Minor eroticism, yes. The need to perpetuate full acts? No.
==The Founding==

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