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Idle Omens

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====Beauty Disdained====
<small>The Story of {{god|Lurid Sin}}</small><br>
Fed up with the abandonment of her God, the daughter of the [[Desert_of_Former_Alkies|Desert]] left her tribe of dark-skinned elfkin and began to wander the land on her own. Often mistaken for a [[Feral_Hero|feral heroine]], she found herself on the verge of death several times, though only twice more than how many heroes she struck down. For a period of three and a half nearly four years , the elfkin honed her skills on heroes and beasts alike, until she happened upon a young human girl engaged in conversation with the air.<br>Finding a strange sense of kinship with this young human, they traveled together under the watch of the Goddess, Vesania until the fateful day her own God returned. Bound in bandages and her wings ripped from her body, her Goddess was ruined by another and cast into shackles for the time she was absent from the elfkin's life. Having already made up her mind to live on her own, the elkin simply passed by her former deity and continued on her way to [[Godville_(Town)|Godville]] to become the 3rd member of Idle Omens, her ''sister'' following her all the while.<br>Kae'in may be the only member of Idle Omens who doesn't have their own divine entity, rather relies on her own '''lurid sins''' to survive.
<br><br><br>{{warning|This page is under construction. More to come as members join.}}

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