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Bomb Squad

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The Bomb Squad is, in its truest form, a Guild of heroes and heroines who have a passion for bombing; drinking booze and bombing things are the two things every guild member lives (and quite often dies) for! Historically, the art of bombing was discovered by ancient alchemists who were trying to dazzle everyone by showing off their might and knowledge of chemistry. Slowly, these alchemists, realizing that bombs were extremely powerful and fun to use, decided to form a guild that would preserve the knowledge and the art of bomb making. This goal eventually expanded to using bombs to punish people the guild disliked, while preserving those the guild did. Unfortunately for every non-bomber, the guild is very fickle in these matters, and most denizens of Godville have been bombed on one occasion or another.
The Bomb Squad has operated with the simple motto ''''Build, Bomb, Repeat!'''' ever since its inception. It clearly states the mission of every guild member and the standard that they must live up to, just as their ancestors did. However, it is believed that among the current members only Arestavi is the direct descendant of the original alchemists who formed the guild. But, after finishing all paperwork for the guild's official registration, he she went for a quest of self discovery, and also to find the mythical bomb reactant with the most devastating power human eyes has ever (or rather, never) witnessed, the very reactant that caused dinosaurs shrink in fear, turning them into lizards we know today. No one has ever seen or heard of him ever since. Some says that he she has been hiding from the Godville Administrator for misconducted experiments and destruction of Admin property, but others think that he her god is simply too caught up in the alternate universe called the Real World. But it is widely believed in the guild that when Arestavi returns, all of Godville will once again bow down to the might of Bomb Squad.
== Joining the Bomb Squad ==

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