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| motto = C'est la vie, c'est la guerre, c'est la pomme du terreThinking is hard work .... ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ| leader = The Hazy One Plainonigiri
| alignment = humane
| monster = Procrastinator| pantheon = unstable (top 30200)| pantheon2 = unstable (top 300 400 - but once in top 30)
| pantheon3 = unstable (top 200)
| pantheon4 = 37| date = 2 September 201512 August 2018| number = 130 37 }}
=='Meanderthals Guild:==
==Guild Notes==
Please note that we use abbreviations in bear with us as our Guild Councilinformation sources undergo changes. These abbreviations are listed below(not in any particular order). PoG - Pantheon of Gratitude<br />PoM - Pantheon of Mastery<br />PoCo - Pantheon of Construction<br />PoDs - Pantheon of Duelers<br />PoS - Pantheon of Survival<br />PoCr - Pantheon of Creation<br />PoMi - Pantheon of Might<br />PoU - Pantheon of Unity<br />PoDe - Pantheon of Destruction<br />PoT - Pantheon of Taming<br />PoSt - Pantheon of Storytelling<br /> PoSa - Pantheon of Savings<br />PoP - Pantheon of Popularity<br />PoDy - Pantheon of Duelery<br />GT - Godville Times<br />Gw - Godwiki<br />IDb - Ideabox<br />P-ty - Personality<br />GA - Guild Alignment If you think we We have missed something in our brightest minds working around the sundial to ensure that Meanderthals can be known for the list aboveexcellence that it is, please inform usas we traverse the tomes of yesteryear and update them to reflect relevancy. If you have came up The most important thing to takeaway from interacting with the idea of a different abbreviationMeanderthals, please tell us about whether it.  Thanksbe joining our ranks or simply witnessing our tomfoolery, and is to have funand be yourself.(Because everyone else is already taken!)

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