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'''''"[[Paranthelion|Paranthelion]], do you know who I am?"''''' she asked, her light taking the form of a sphinx as she spoke.
Evangelione was awarded the audience’s collection, a gold brick and the meagre purse from her vanquished opponent. Both heroes needed to be carried off the field of battle to have their wounds dressed by [[arena|arena]] doctors. I shook my head at the violence I had just witnessed, consoled by the knowledge that they had gained some experience that would help them on their quests and that the [[arena|arena]] hospital would take better care of them then [[Godville_(Town)|Godville]] General Hospital ever would. I was glad that Evangelione had won her first [[arena|arena]] battle, but I knew it wouldn’t be her last visit to the [[arena|arena]]. It was inevitable that one day she would be beaten, the laws of Random so often brought down the mighty, and I would see my Lady’s champion vanquished on the field. Maybe not the next fight, or the one after, but eventually every hero sees defeat.
In Godville, it doesn’t take long for new heroes to realize they need more than friends and drinking partners to succeed in their quests, they need the influence and aid of a [[Guilds|guild]]. Evangelione was no exception. At level 10 she had already started considering her [[Guilds|guild]] options. One night at a favourite tavern of hers, I saw her reading through the [[Guilds|guild]] pages of the Godville times.
'''''"Looking at [[Guilds|guilds?]]"''''' I asked her as I sat down at her table. I signaled the waitress to bring us some fresh drinks.
'''''"There’s so many to choose from, [[Paranthelion|Paranthelion]], I’ve been giving this whole [[Guilds|guild-thing]] some serious thought. I could use some advice because while like the badges of the [[Ankh-Morpork_City_Watch|Ankh-Morpork City Watch]], I also like to say [[Knights_who_say_Ni|"Ni! Ni!"]], and then there’s that little [[Guilds|guild]] on the edge of town with only 40 members that keeps sending me flyers..."'''''
'''''"[[Evangelione|Evangelione]], have you asked your Goddess for advice?"'''''
'''''"I could do the same thing I saw another hero do; blindfold myself in the main square while holding a pin and then walk towards the [[Guilds|guilds']] message board. Whatever [[Guilds|guild]] gets the pin, gets me as a new member!"'''''
'''''"And your Goddess said...?"'''''
'''''"Maybe I should pick one with a really great name, something inspiring with a little ‘strikes fear in the heart of monsters’ kind of ring to it."''''' she said, excitedly.
It was clear from the conversation that Evangelione was aware of [[Guilds|guilds]], but not yet ready for the responsibility of [[Guilds|guild]] membership and it was little wonder why [[Guilds|guilds]] had restricted membership to level 12 heroes. I briefly imagined a gaggle of level 9 heroes pledging to whichever [[Guilds|guild]] some authoritative tavern owner told them to join. I smiled to myself and then ordered another round of drinks. [[Arivelle|Arivelle]] would make her thoughts known on the matter in due time, I suspected, when Evangelione was ready.
Shortly after Evangelione's Level 12 party, I noticed the characteristic blue moonstone pendent hanging from Evangelione’s neck. Indeed, [[Arivelle|Arivelle]] had selected wisely, the [[Blue_Feather_Guild|Blue Feather Guild]] was well known in this town. Evangelione was not yet convinced.
'''''"I joined [[Blue_Feather_Guild|Blue Feather]] and sure I like the free equipment, doctors, coins and prestige that comes with it, but I feel a bit lost amongst all the members. The other day the guild rooms were so full I had to take my nap on the toilet. Lucky for me I found 960 coins, but that’s not the point. I think I might be better off in a smaller, more personal [[Guilds|guild]], right after I complete my current quest."'''''
'''''"Do you think your Goddess will let you?"'''''
'''''“She can’t watch me all the time!... She can’t, can she?”'''''
'''''“She probably can.”'''''
'''''“Oh well, can’t blame a hero for trying!”'''''
'''''“That, she definitely can do.”'''''

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