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My Current Projects
==<p style="font-family: times, serif; font-size:14pt; font-style:italic">My Current Projects</p>==
'''<s>Writing a story series based loosely on {{God|Lady Shadows}}' play "Without UsSee EIS Talk page for current, I mean old, projects." Setting and plot would Also providing plebe input to be a HUGE spoiler so far, so one question that sparked sure the idea: What happens with a hero once his or her god leaves for real? What would happen Ideabox guide under construction is understandable to Godville's villages without enough new heroes to replace the retirees and possible Feral Hero material? And what would the remaining god-watched heroes doanyone (if I can understand it, in the minority?</s> anyone can)
See EIS Talk page for current projects. Also providing plebe input to be sure the Ideabox guide under construction is understandable to anyone (if I can understand it, anyone can) "Ideaboxing: A Manual Plus" guide, still underway- actually, completed...ish & Brinjal wrote the sequel in Ideaboxers' Union on the thread. I should probably provide the forum link to there. Considering this a note to self to do exactly that.
Chipping away at some epic writer's block (since September 2012, in fact) -- Actually, wrote some stories about Godville, still need to publish. (As of August 2015, and there's a whole 4-part series.)
Dusting off this page (eventually. Did a little bit of that today, August 26)

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