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| 10/15/2011
| [[Sparring duels]] now begin to take place. Everyone receives 5 [[Invitation Invite to Godville|invites]] and the ability to gift [[charges]] to other players. The old 'hero' page finally becomes deprecated and is replaced with the 'super(hero)' page; [ More info here].<ref>[| Godville Blog, Post 49]</ref>
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| 05/10/2011
| 1st Anniversary of Godville. Everyone gains a free amount of [[Charge|charges]] equal to '''half the level of their heroes''' as well as '''3''' [[Invitation Invite to Godville|invites]] each. one free charge now for every extra level-up. [[Voice of God]] change to avoid the creation of guild duplicates. Large Godville Android App upgrade.<ref>[| Godville Blog, Post 43]</ref>
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