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Ape of Wrath

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{{stub|monster}}{{monster | image = Ape of Wrath.jpg | class caption = Demon | habitat latin = Caves | description = Evil creatures creature with an intense emotional response| class = Demon| habitat = Caves}}
The '''Ape of Wrath''' is a [[monster]]. This type of ape is corrupted by the devilish power of evil force.
Ape of Wrath is omnivorous, so don't get yourself be eaten by this creature.
==Attributes =Attributes= ==='''Strengths:'''===* Makes earthquake Creates earthquakes by hitting their fist to fists into the ground.
* Has five eyes.
'''=== Weaknesses: '''===* addicted Addicted to bananabananas.* afraid Afraid of the light. [[Category:Monsters]]

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