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Harvest Moon

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sexforce== History ==
koreanThe [[Harvest Moon]] occurs once every 10 years, and when it does it is a time of great terror. In the old days, the Cult of Blood would attempt to harness the Moon's dark energy by the means of sacrifice. They would "harvest" the souls of their victims and offer them to the blood red moon in return for great and terrible power. Over time members of the cult were hunted down and killed, as the rest fled over the ocean and inhabited the land of [[Godville]]. By this time they had forgotten the rituals they would use to carry out the Harvest Moon Sacrifice. Although their methods are lost, there are still the guild masters who tirelessly hunt for a way to harness the Moon's great power once more, and recruit other "heroes" to help them in their search for power...  == Guild Strongholds == We currently have major footholds all over this land. Those who defy our rule in our areas of influence are severely punished for their blasphemy. Our followers affix a magical, sacred seal on their doors which not only allow them to show their support, but also protect them when we purge an area of any resistance. Our strongholds are easily recognizable. They are vast, strong fortresses of darkness, perpetually surrounded by black storm clouds. The fortress is surrounded by a lake of blood, and atop the impressive towers made of bone are great luminous red crystals - ancient storage devices through which we channel dark energy in return for great and terrible power.
== Arena Policy ==
Bear in mind that not all guild members do this voluntary announcing; either because they fear "stalkers" (many high-ranked arena fighters are paranoid from all the blows to their head), because they are too low rank to use guild chat, or just because they don't know/care. If you match a guild member who does not announce, sometimes they will politely offer not to fight back or to do a "no influence" battle... but sometimes they won't! Either way, prepare for a fight, do your best to win, and shake hands afterwards!
sex == Forum Posting == Many of our members enjoy friendly banter and roleplay on [ Our Forum], and find that posting adds another dimension to the [[Godville]] experience. Additionally, we believe that keeping a fun, active thread going helps with elfthe recruitment of new members, as the Guild's Headquarters section of the forum is one of the first places people look when joining a [[guild]]. We welcome all members, regardless of length of time in the guild and/or roleplay experience, to join in the fun. You don't know if you'll like it until you try it, so come on in, the water's fine! All we ask is that you remain courteous in accordance with the [ Godville Forum Rules].
== Noteworthy Members ==

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