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Pet Personalities

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After every three levels have been gained by a [[Pets|pet]], it will gain a new personality. The personality appears between a « and a » next to the [[Pet names|pet's name]]. The personality of a pet continues to change every three levels so that it becomes more useful to its owner. Below is a list of pet personalities and what they mean for the pet's behavior. There is no order of ascension; the changes are random. If you do not see your pet personality listed here, it may be because it has not been defined yet.
(This is all just "for fun"; there is currently no known indication that pet personality has any influence on the game.)
* '''«Ancient»''' - An Ancient pet is one who has surpassed level 30 and has gained wisdom from reaching this legendary level. Your pet is at their best when under this personality and will truly be an asset to your hero/heroine.

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