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Gold bricks

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How to obtain
* randomly find one (sometimes even two) inside [[Deus ex machina]], [[Box with a question mark]], or [[Pandora's box]] when they are activated by god;
* have one to three [[Bold Artifacts]] already in his knapsack converted into gold bricks when god activates [[Alchemical Transmuter]], [[Transmogrifier]], or [[Philosopher's stone]];
* have one magically forged from about 3000 [[Gold coins]] through god's [[Influence]], by influencing the hero/heroine with Encourage or Punish. A count of 3000 [[Gold coins]] is usually sufficient, although the likelihood of an influence's success is about one chance in four.Punishment is more likely to melt gold coins into a brick than Encouragement.<ref></ref>
* pay a shopkeeper an amount less than 3000 coins to repair a broken gold brick.
* certain [[Activatable Artifacts]] which allow the hero to instantly defeat a [[monster]] (i.e. [[Kill switch]] or [[Monster repellent]]) may also reshape around 3000 gold coins into brick form instead.

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