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Boss-Monster Abilities
||'''Nimble'''|| Allows a boss-monster to strike twice per turn. May cause up to 80 in [[health]] for a single-hit and up to 160 for a double-hit. || Kill the boss-monster as quickly as possible.
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||'''Overhearing'''|| The boss-monster will occasionally react to voice commands. || Do not give "strike" or "heal" [[voice commands]] other than , and be careful to time "praydefend"only when you are not attacking. Sometimes pray "Pray" is benign and will cause the boss-monster to gain a new treasure.
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||'''Pickpocketing''' || May skip an attack to steal an item from a hero or seemingly out of nowhere. Stolen items can be used to heal by the boss-monster, or may be won back by the hero.||Kill the boss-monster as quickly as possible.

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