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Fire Breathing Dragon

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| class = FantasyDragon| description=Deadly magical mixed dinosaur LARGE. , large| habitat = [[Towns]], caves, dark forests, and flies around at night, Honna-Lee
| image = firebreathingdragon.jpg
As we all know, caves are useful to have. You can store [[Artifacts|junk]], [[Equipment|old tattered clothes]], or live in them. The problem is when you come along after a long Quest [[quests|quest]] and what do you know , '''A DRAGON a dragon is in there''', spilling '''magic''' and breathing '''fire''' all over the place , and generally making a burnt mess out of your the stored kegs of beer you HAD had reserved for a party with that nice daughter of the Town Tradertrader.<BR><BR>
So, get thee to fighting! Stay out of the way of it's its mouth and tongue area, as '''Fire Breathing Dragons ''' have been known to '''Burn [[burn the candle at Both Ends'''both ends]], from 1000 meters away with accuracy.
*'''Likes to hang out with''': Little Johnny Paper, and a donkey named Donkey.*'''Origin (rumored)''':) A Land land called Honna Lee.<BR><BR>
*Razor teeth and claws
*Skin reinforced with heavy scales
*A really '''BIG BUTANE LIGHTER''' big butane lighter weapon in the belly/ throat area*Large Sizesize*Can
*Physically inept front forarms/legs
*Tail gets in the way when doing The the Limbo Dance at parties, leading to embarassment*Water (or beer!, if any spare) from Hero hero puts out fire, difficult to re-light, no pockets for spare lighter*Can't enjoy raw fish (somehow becomes cooked while eaten.)<BR><BR>
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