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Once a guild has 5 cardinals an election can be held to choose a leader. Any member ranked Heirarch Hierarch or higher can run for leader and anyone ranked at least Cardinal can vote. The candidate with most votes will be elected leader, providing at least 5 people and 35% of eligible voters have voted for them.
The leader is able to set the guild council topic and create the link to the guild's forum page. If the guild has 5 prophets and has reached the top 20 in the [[pantheon of popularity]] the leader can set or change the high-level rank for the guild. If the guild has reached the top 20 in the [[pantheon of duelery]] or two members ranked cardinal or above have ended the duelling season in the top 100 of the [[pantheon of duelers]], the leader can chose a regular [[monsters|monster]] to be the guild's totem monster. More info can be found on the [[Guild Leader]] godwiki page.

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