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The Circle of Mages

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Guild's Motto
=='''Guild's [[Motto]]'''==
Evil heroes: "For specific informations about mottos, please visit [[Motto|this wiki page]]. <br><br> '''The Circle'Fear the pøwer øf Mages!''" have two different mottos for our members to choose from - one for evil & one for good alignment! <br> '''Good heroes: ''"Mages yøu can trust!"'' <br> Evil heroes: ''"Fear the pøwer øf Mages!"'' <br> Our guild symbol in motto is: '''ø'''<ref>Replacing every "o"</ref><br> {{m|Note}} If you're not interested in changing your entire motto to the guild one, please consider adding one simple symbol (ø). This will help us become more recognizable. And by ''us'', I mean also ''you''!

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