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Hundreds of years ago, a wandering merchant set up camp in an isolated spot near the sea. His goal was to journey to [[Herolympus]] and live the rest of his years in peace. He had some items but no money to make the trip. After a few days, a passing [[Hero]], who had become well-known while fighting in [[Arena|the Godville Arena]], decided to buy from this man. Noticing that the items were of high quality, he asked directions for how to come back. Some historians are still arguing over whether the trader knowingly did so or not, but the Hero was given directions that led him straight back to the wandering merchant's camp. Each time, the hero would have more items to sell and more gold with which to buy equipment. Each time, the merchant would haggle lower and sell higher. One day, the merchant, grown old, found he had enough to retire comfortably in Herolympus. By then, other heroes had found his camp. Some were not caught in the dread cycle the first hero had been, and the site was soon packed with merchants and heroes and regular townsfolk wanting to trade. There were so many tents, they decided to construct buildings. Eventually, it simply became a city. Nowadays, Tradeburg is one of the most famous places in all of [[Godville]]. Potato

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