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If a hero cannot find an opponent after 10 minutes, no fight will occur. Sometimes, a hero's reputation will prevent a fight by scaring-off potential opponents. This often results in an empty arena and some very disappointed spectators; particularly those who paid a premium for the seats near the body bag stacking section. Even though a hero could not find an opponent, the hero may be rewarded with a golden brick or even some gold as a compensation for getting his gear on, oiling his leather, sharpening his sword, and turning up his game face. However, angry mobs, who missed seeing a good ole' slaying, have been known to outvote the [[Godville Administrator]]'s benevolence so the hero receives nothing, but teleportation to the capital-- which is not too shabby.
A hero can also be sent with some artifacts, such as Arenaline, and bypass the 4 hour limit.
==Special Effects in the Arena ==

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