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Knights who say Ni

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Guild Officers
{{God|NuanenBudapesties}}: '''GUILD LEADER''', Protector of the Sacred Word, Dragon Whisperer, Guardian of the Golden Lily.
:{{God|Shannonus}}: The Saintliest of Smoters, Wielder of Benevolent Power, Champion of the Light, Defender of the Sun.
:{{God|BudapestiesNuanen}}: Father of SmoteThe "nice/sweet" one, Keeper former Leader of 2yrs and the Hall, Interguild relationships specialist.perfect model of Good!
{{God|Charles the GreatestBlueStapler}}: Guardian of the Bridge, Protector of all-that-is-shrubby.  {{God|Jarlbank}}: Viking of Ni, Master of Youth & Merriment, Official Guild Welcomer
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==Guild Council==
The Guild Council is a place for gods of a specific guild to chat amongst other members of that same guild. Starting at the rank of Recruit a god is allowed to post in a Guild's "Guild Council" this is to ensure that one is serious about staying in the guild. Guild Council (a.k.a. GC) is a great place to get information on a guild once you are in or to get help from your fellow guild members on the game. The Knights are always looking for ways to help out a fellow Ni sayer! Once a god reaches rank of "Cardinal" the expel feature can be used. This is only used in case of extreme emergencies and requires at least 3 votes from members who are "Cardinal" or above (Hierarch, Patriarch, Regent) at which point the god will no longer be able to post and will show up under the "Expelled" tab.

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