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Knights who say Ni

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Yet of all these things our most notable is the magical table of the Knights who formerly owned a Square Table. This artifact has the rare power to create any food or beverage at will, simply by sitting down and wishing for your meal. Many heroes have been known to join simply for the never ending flow of beer that is available from this wondrous table. All other guilds beware, as any attempt to 'liberate' our table will result in the awesome power of "Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing Zow Zing!" No hero has ever been known to receive these words of power and live to tell the tale.
If you wish to join the ranks of Ni-Sayers you must bring a shrubbery of suitable size to our guild leader, {{god|NuanenBudapesties}}. Be warned, failing to bring a large enough shrubbery will result in a '''slap of the herring''' and an order to repeat the quest. However you should also be aware that succeeding to join our guild will also earn you similar treatment in the form of the herring slap of entry.
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==How to Join==
To convince your hero to join the ranks of the Ni-Sayers you must send this command to your hero.

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