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Knocked out and unconscious (formerly known as death and resurrection): clarified this section
===Knocked out and unconscious (formerly known as death and resurrection) ===
Pets cannot die. However, a powerful [[monster]] blow can knock a pet out. If a hero manages to heal a pet within 60 hours, the pet will wake up and continue along as if it was never knocked out. What's more is that if a hero quickly heals a pet within 10 hours, it will increase the pet's development, resulting in a faster level-upsup.  The [[Resurrection#Strategies_for_Pet_Healing | resurrection page has long list of strategies on how to heal a knocked out pet.]] However, if the pet remains unconscious for 60 hours, it will wake up by itself, but will only be a "Hero's best friend". It will no longer be able to compete with other pets in the pantheons[[pantheon of taming]], nor will it level up.  If pet levels matter to a god, the god can influence the hero to release the pet by commanding the hero to cancel the vet "[[extend pet registration]]" quest. The Specifically, a god must wait until the hero begins the quest "[[extend pet registration]]." During that quest, the god must give the [[voice command]] "cancel quest." This is identical to canceling a guild change quest. If the hero listens (not necessarily on the god's first attempt), the hero will then release the pet into the wild and will be free to tame a new pet. (although he will always remember his first.) (See also [[resurrection]] {{quote|Judging by Shelby's face I think he's tired of me. I guess it's time to finally set him free.) Note that comments on the Farewell, Shelby! I promise to find a new best friend in your memory!}}[ pet change announcement] indicate that the proper quest to cancel is the "[[extend pet registration]Blog entry 60]" questhas further information.
== Known Uses of Pets ==

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