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Inevitable Hulk

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"A ferocious Inevitable Hulk bounded up to me and proclaimed that I had met my match. Au contraire, vile créature! It's you that have met your match!"
{{pictureMonster|image=18943.jpg|class= Mutated Humanoid|habitat=|description=|strong=yes}}"Meeting him is inevitable"A true danger to all heros is a beast the '''Inevitable Hulk''' that makes all other hulks cringe. Be warned that a hero could be easily destroyed by his power. Only known encounter with this monster *12:03: Under continuous assault and unable it is inevitable that a Hero will meet and have to think straight, I applied the bottle labeled “Drink me” to the monster instead of myself. Judging by its high-pitched shriek, the Inevitable Hulk usually heals in fight with him at some other way. 12:03: The Inevitable Hulk turned to dust. I blew away its ashes and found a red herring.* 17:15: Rest stage in pieces, Inevitable Hulk. I'll look after your stick in the mud and 20 coins for youhis career.* All other heros failed to report back after meeting this monster, so be sure to carry 'Drink Me'
How did this situation come to pass? Alas, dear Reader, we can only speculate. The obvious step of asking the Monster is out of the question as the chance of fatal consequences as a result of getting close enough to ask is depressingly high.
A chance encounter with this enemy lead It is known that at one stage, he was pretty much your standard Hulk, having gone down the usual route of getting too close to highly unstable radioactive doodads, in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. As such, he might have been expected to pursue the normal career path for a Hulk except for one thing; at the time of his, um, transition to Hulkhood, Time itself was going through one of its less stable periods and the death resulting period of my petextreme confusion saw him stuck in a Time Loop, who sacrificed himself fated to challenge Heroes for my lifethe forseeable future, at least.
5:39" The Inevitable Hulk raised its hand Inevitably, after an initial period of success and from his point of view, even fun, the novelty wore off as for Hulks, as indeed for a deadly final strike against meanyone else, when Bess suddenly threw himself under its feet. The monster stumbled you can have enough Heroes and fell dead on the groundas far as he is concerned, its neck brokenhe has had more than his share already. Bess quietly heaved This gives an added edge to his last breath under attacks and this is added to by the weight of fact that the monster's carcassonly relief from this not-so-merry-go-round comes if he actually kills one. Oh When this happens, my Lordthe Time Loop slows down for a while, why? He was so young..allowing him to sneak back to town, chill our and drink Beer, of which he has become very fond."
It seems that I acquired nothing from it's deathOf course, other than the body he is not liked in town, on account of my beloved pet. The second encounter: 15:36: The Inevitable Hulk cried 'At least I don't have to hear your motto again...' his Hulking appearance and vanished. Received 132 coins and a cosmo knot. Used up all the will and godpower before overcoming this incredible foegeneral, well, the first win after many battles greenness but he is tolerated by bartenders at least as he is pretty much always flush with The Inevitable Hulklooted Gold.[[Category:Monsters]]

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