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Knights who say Ni

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We are Knights who say Ni. Ours is the path of honor and truth, a path of light, and seldom darkness. We came from the far away land of Monty, and traversed the terrible desert of Python to arrive in the world of Godville. Our mission is to proclaim the sacred words "Ni, Peng and Neee-wom", to collect shrubburies, and to learn to wield the mighty herring.
== Introduction ==
As the largest and most wealthy guild in Godville, our members are treated with nothing but the best. Our guild hall is the most impressive building in the realm, and is equipped with a state of the art training center, although this is sometimes called the maze of death, the palace of pain, and that-place-where-we-keep-hearing-screams-from. The personalized hospital and the many lounges and areas of relaxation are the envy of many a hero. 
[Zarquon, please write here about our relationship with Wiki Leagues and Warped Quantum, as I am unaware of that situation]
==Noteworthy Members== ===Guild Founder===
As the founder of our guild, Coldwilson was a fine leader and deeply devoted until a great tragedy occurred. Coldwilson abandoned his hero who, shunned and alone, left this guild and joined the green bottles cult, becoming (even more of) an alchoholic.
===Guild Officers===
{{god|Zarquon}} Titles: Master Ni-Sayer / Residant Ninja / Protecter of Shrubburies 
Sam joined the guild at a young age, yet quickly gained approval as he gained experience in the arena. An immensely humble fellow, he built our training center as a place to whip the other members into shape. He is in charge of molding the talents of each recruit into a solid fighting form, and usually withholds their beer privileges until the training is completed.
===Noteworthy Members===
All distinguished and long-standing members will be recognized here. 
A strong and active member of our guild, Amelia has graced our halls for many moons. She has the potential to be a great fighter, but for now seems to lose as many as she wins. Her rise to officer level is anticipated, but has not occurred as of yet. 
===Knights of Ni===
All active members of the guild will be noted here. If you feel that your name should be here, please contact {{God|Sam Blood}} or {{God|Zarquon}}. 

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