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Hey, you

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Type: Combat {{stub|skill}}{{skill| image = | caption = | type = combat| description = }}This The '''Hey, you''' [[skill]] is the most popular combat skills in all of [[Godville]] but should only be used by highly trained [[heroes]]. Any heroes using it otherwise are warned of potential, negative consequences.
== Effects ==
=== Level 1-5 ===
The hero will tell the monster to get out of his or her lifemind, making it irritated and more likely to pound away at your hero.
=== Level 6-10 ===
The hero sings the entire chorus to the monster, making it dance and unable to dodge the hits from the hero nor able to successfully land any blows to the hero as long as the hero is able to correctly remember all the words.
[[Category:Skills]] [[Category:Combat skills]]

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