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Monster repellent

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[[Image:{{Artifact|image=MonstersAway.jpg|200pxdescription=|thumbtype=Activatable|rightcost=50|Monster repellenteffect=Fuse 3000 coins into a [[Golden brick]]or kill a monster}}
Type: Artifact The '''Monster repellent''' is have a rather straightforward concept. This product keeps monsters away, at least for a couple of milestones. It comes in spray form and is available as a clip-on, keychain, wrist band, or necklace. It is thought to operate by releasing a pungent scent into the air around the hero. Any monster that gets a whiff of the smell heads for the hills as quick as it can. The smell can be noticed from a speculated distance of 3 whole milestones so the hero or heroine can once again travel freely without the fear of life and , limb, or being able to easily make friends.
'''Advertisement:''' Enjoy your life, temporarily monster free today! Buy one, get the second one free - just pay the extra shipping and handling charges, plus tax! ''Remember our motto'': The smell of it can kill you, so it will certainly give those monsters a nasty shock!

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