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Music is an important part of culture. Perhaps that is why heroes are prepared to spend so much money on concertseveryday life in [[Godville]]. Many heroes There are so obsessed with music that they go and see wandering minstrels walking the same band more than oncepaths, even though they are sometimes very expensive. Going to a concert does not give passing the heroes on their journey andd always one of the hero any experience, nor does it restore healt, aide various roaming bands playing in questing, or give the local taverns and pubs where the hero goes to blow off steam after finishing a quest or heroine any items. The sole purpose to buy a few rounds of these bands throwing concerts it for funbeer.
Some heroes come to enjoy the music of a particular band so much so that they go and see the same band more than once, even though traveling the various towns in order to follow the band's tour is often a very expensive endeavor. Going to a concert does not give the hero any experience towards leveling up - nor does it restore health, aide in questing, give the hero or heroine any items, or the pets an opportunity to find an item. The sole purpose of the bands who put on the concerts it for fun… (and the money). Several local famous bands play in the taverns, including : the dwarven band "Burning Beards"(dwarfs), the elven band "Nyello Narn" (name?elves), and the orcish band "Waaagh!"(orcs).
{{diary| width = 800px | text = 05:17: Attended a concert by the dwarf band 'Burning Beards'. Man, it was awesome, though the ticket was quite pricey. I paid 23 coins for it.}}

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