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Charge-Hoarding Techniques (RESUMED WRITING)
without a temple or a purchase."
''Some handy charge-gathering items:'' Praystation/Sacrificial Lamp storea store a charge for 50% GP. Is 50% cheaper than accumulating manually, and can take you beyond 3 stored. Holy Powercell... is awesome. Free to activate, adds one accumulator charge, no upper limit on the number of charges it gives. One use each. If they weren't so rare, they'd be a gamebreaker.
For temple owners: Between Milestone 1 and 10, tell your hero to return to town (can be done up to 6 times per quest, allegedly.) and upon reaching Godville you'll revieve retrieve an XP boost for 10,000 gold if you have it, and if not you'll either recieve receive gold or a charge. Takes some luck, but sometimes temple owners can snag an extra charge or two per day from this.
Other methods forthcoming. Yes, I've started in on this at last. <s>So settle down, Arena trolls! It takes less than 3 charges to beat someone who'd rather complain than play anyway.</s>

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