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Spot the Bipolar Bear
**9th death: 18 Feb 2014 ('''level 31'''); revived 2 hours later on 18 Feb 2014 for '''12507 coins''' in Godville (halfway through quest; sent to dungeon during praying)
***02:45 PM Scraped together 12507 coins and managed to persuade the priests to heal my pet. Oh, Spot, I'm glad to see you in great shape again!
**10th death: 22 June 2014 ''(Date unknown)'' ('''level 38'''); revived 99 ''(?with 1 hour left on timer) hours later '' on 27 June 2014 for '''15272 coins''' in Godville (end of quest)
***03:43 PM A high priest rolled up his sleeves and slapped Spot, instantly bringing my beloved bipolar bear back to consciousness! At least, I think he was a priest... Paid him 15272 coins anyway. Oh Spot, how I've missed you!
*Animalist medal (gained on 3 Feb 2014):

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