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* Black - The hero has done what he says here all by himself with no input from you whatsoever.
* Blue - This shows an influence or the effect of an influence (when you encourage, punish or send a voice command)
* Red (Computer users only) - This shows an influence or an effect of an influence from a rival in a duel.
* Brown (IDevice users only) - This provides an associated link to the GodWiki, usually regarding the [[monster]] that you have just finished fighting. On the computer this shows up as a hyperlink.
=== What does my aura do? ===
This depends on the aura you receive. There are currently 6 auras available for activation, although more will probably spring into existence in the near future. Each aura gives a specific boost, all of which are given [[:Category:Auras|here]].
=== Can I choose what aura I get? ===
Unfortunately the aura you receive and the time it lasts for are decided by the Great Random. This can make them either very useful or a waste of your hard-earned Godpower.
== Guilds - Special groups for special heroes ==
=== What is a guild? ===
=== How do I join/change/create one? ===
=== What does being in a guild do? ===
=== What is guild influence and how do I earn it? ===
=== What does my guild rank do and how do I improve it? ===
== Pantheons - The leaderboards of the gods ===
=== How do I enter a pantheon? ===
=== What are the pantheons for? ===
=== What does the number next to another player's pantheon rank mean? ===
=== What benefits do being in a pantheon give you? ===

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