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Auras - Small, useful things that raise the annoying questions
The hero gets up to an awful lot, even when you're not around. If there was a record of every entry visible, the diary would be over a thousand pages thick in just a week. To save all those poor trees, you can see the latest ten entries which are usually more than enough to give you a good idea of what your hero has been up to.
== Auras - Small, useful things that raise the really annoying questions ==
=== What is an aura? ===
[[Auras ]] are a form of energy that emanate from the heroes. All heroes have them, but certain auras are more visible and useful than others. These auras often will glow with various colors, deeply affecting nearby humans and [[monsters]]. These special auras give the hero a temporary boost which helps him along.
=== How do I get one? ===
There are two known ways to obtain an aura. One is to visit a shrine, and the other is to activate an [[artifact ]] like the '''Bioenergy Amplifier'''for 50% of your [[Godpower]].
=== What does my aura do? ===
That This depends on the aura you receive. There are currently 6 auras available for activation, although more will probably spring into existence in the most sought after one is undoubtedly the Aura of Hucksteeringnear future. This Each aura grants the hero extraordinary powers of bartering and tradinggives a specific boost, allowing him to sell his items for extremely high prices. are given [[Category:Auras|here]]
=== Can I choose what aura I get? ===
Unfortunately the aura you receive is and the time it lasts for are decided by the Great Random.  This can make them either very useful or a waste of your hard-earned Godpower.

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