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If you are here, you are likely wondering, "What on earth is a [ Keleios]?" Or, "Why do I keep seeing [ Keleios] mentioned everywhere in Godville?"
Fear not! Your questions will be answered here! A quick Google search for Keleios can bring up some interesting, yet confusing results. :
<gallery>{|style="margin: 0 auto;"| [[File:a-kel-eios.jpg|275pxthumb|thumbupright|alt=What is this thing?|What is this thing?]]| [[File:keleios_rat.jpg|275pxthumb|upright|thumbalt=Looks like a rat to me!|Hmm... Getting closerLooks like a rat to me!]]| [[File:keleios_dude.jpg|275pxthumb|upright|thumbalt=Lady looks like a dude?|Oh! She's Is she a he?]]| [[File:keleios_cat.jpg|275pxthumb|upright|thumbalt=Keleios in her true form|In Keleios in her natural true form]]</gallery>|}
Once upon a timeAdditionally, there are many references throughout the internet to popcorn castles and glitter, making the search for the true definition of "Keleios" a bunch of gods confusing and goddesses were chatting amongst themselves and decided to surprise daunting task! After an exhausting search, the most plausible answer was found in Godville: the most awesome goddess , [ Keleios] by mentioning ! Keleios is most often found in her in their mottos and godvoices. Why? Welltrue, cat-like form.Her habitat appears to be a popcorn castle, with copious amounts of glitter.She can often be found in the company of a bunny rabbit named [ Silly], which for some strange reason, she never eats, and often provides refuge for in the popcorn castle.why not?
Keleios became an instant Godville sensation! She's everywhere! You'll find mention of Keleios in mottos, voice commands, random shouts -- you name it, you'll find it! Rumor has it that the trader at Monsterdam has even started selling loincloths with famous Keleios mottos embroidered on them. Great Apollo reports that he even saw a visage of Keleios on his toast, however, his pet Dogmeat ate it before anyone else could see it.

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