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List This page contains links to every artifact with a Godwiki article. For a more extensive (yet still very incomplete) list of normal artifacts in Godville, please see the '''[[List of Artifacts]]''' page, which includes artifacts that do not yet have a Godwiki article.
* [[Overused meme]]* [[Misfortune cookie]]* [[Rolling stone]]* [[Binary array]]* [[Monster's diary]]* [[Rules of Articles which use the internet]]* [[Bottle of virgin's tears]]* [[Pack of chewing gum]]* [[Bottle of beer from a wall]]* [[Inflatable drinking companion]]* [[Sun-protection Monocle]]* [[Unloaded dice]]* [[Quantum heap]]* [[Silver coin "In Godville we trust"]]* [[Flask of living water]]* [[Piece of ship]]artifact infobox template, {{tlx|Artifact}}, will automatically appear in this category, as well as the appropriate subcategory for their artifact type (if applicable). Manual categorization is not necessary when using {{tlx|Artifact}}.

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