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Harvest Moon

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| gold = 18686
| emblem = Shield.JPG
| friend1 = Hrenelly
| foe1 = Slaves To Armok
The following entries listed here are events deemed noteworthy by the guild chronicler, {{god|Fel1dragon}}
*'''''Day 266 g.e''''' Today we have forged a dark alliance with a like-minded guild named Hrenelly. They share our dim views on the followers of light and are sure to help us to eradicate our foes, just as we will do the same for them.
*'''''Day 263 g.e''''' Today is a great day in our guild's history. We have finally found ourselves in a position of great power and, after many negotiations, have decided to declare war on the blasphemous guild "Slaves To Armok". Now, the land of Godville is a battleground for us as we vie for supremacy in both towns and the arena. May the best guild (Harvest Moon) win this struggle.

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