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Death rattle

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To operate the '''Death Rattle''', the hero violently shakes the talisman and utter the words "The ☾reato✔ has spoken". These words seem to awaken the voices within the cursed orb as they release their pent up hatred, pain and frustrations. The blood-chilling screams and wailing from the fallen heroes and monsters are extremely effective in plunging the opponent into unknowable depths of despair thus lowering his defences and sapping his will to fight as he is filled with visions of his death. The '''Death Rattle''' grows stronger, louder and more effective the more enemies the hero has slain. This makes the '''Death Rattle''' a top notch purchaseand a long-term investment. Resale value of any '''Death Rattle''' is extremely high due to its ability to grow more powerful with use.

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